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about GRASP

"GRASP" -Global Response and Security Partner-

I want to be a partner who supports you who are active in the world with security,

I want to be a security company that responds to you wherever you are in the world,

I named it based on the idea.

The meaning is to quickly detect and grasp the crisis in a changing situation, grasp the customer's request, and respond flexibly.

Most of the agents are from the Self-Defense Forces and the armed forces of each country, and most of them are active ready reserve self-defense officers .

Each person has experience in personal security and investigation, protection of important facilities, etc. at the request of the government, individual or corporation of each country.

In addition to legal training, we also set training days to maintain a high level of technology.

We are also working hard to train agents through the latest advanced training through overseas connections.


In the first year of Reiwa, GRASP was born in Narashino, Chiba Prefecture, where many units called the elite of the Self-Defense Forces are stationed with the dawn of a new era. We provide highly specialized services to prevent the terrible incidents that will continue even in the new era.

With the technology and experience we have acquired so far, we will respond to any request from our customers.

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