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Vehicle operation

Providing safe and secure driving by professionals

We will operate and manage the vehicles owned or prepared by the customer.

自家用車運行代行: サービス

Officer transfer

Safe, secure and luxurious transportation.

Also as a status symbol.


Pick-up and Drop-off for the elderly and children

We will pick up your child and drive for those who have lost confidence in driving.


Vehicle transfer

We will carry the car used for business to the destination.


for Events, Exhibitions, Shooting films

From the movement of cars used for events to the arrangement of exhibits.
It also supports operation during shooting. (✳︎not for car action stunt)

Fee (ex.)
・ Spot contract
15,000 JPY ~ / 1 hour, one-way service (in 100km,
from Tokyo city to HND or NRT Airport)

20,000 JPY  / within 5 hours
30,000 JPY ~ / within 8 hours
36,000 JPY ~ / within 10 hours
42,000 JPY ~ / within 12 hours
・ Weekly contract (within 1 week: free date)
148,000 JPY / (within 40 hours)
・ Exclusive fixed-term contract: ASK

* Other than the above, fuel costs, toll road tolls, parking fees, transportation costs, etc.

If commuting is generally difficult depending on the area, accommodation fees will be charged separately.


* The above time includes the waiting time in the car.

(In case of excess time, we will charge you separately.)

Overtime: JPY 5,000 / hour

After 9 hours from the start of business: 6,000 yen / hour (does not occur during contract time)

Midnight(22pm~05am): JPY 7,500 / hour


・ If you use a vehicle owned by us or arrange a vehicle by us

It corresponds to the so-called "white number taxi business", and we cannot undertake it at all.

・ In the case of an exclusive driver contract, the initial time pack contract will be used.

We will proceed to this contract only if you are satisfied.

In addition, even if you apply for a time pack, our personnel affairs

We may refuse long-term contracts due to circumstances.

(In that case, we will inform you in advance before the contract.)

・ Regarding transportation to avoid danger, treat it as "personal protection"

We will dispatch a professional guard driver.

(The fee is based on our security fee)

自家用車運行代行: Service
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