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Personal security

Our guards have completed legal education as well as our guard training,
Only those who meet the prescribed test standard results are assigned to the site.
Experienced security professionals will protect you.

身辺警備: 画像

Service contents


Personal security, Guarding VIP

  • Individual

  • Celebrity, business person

  • Government officials

From Japanese to foreigners visiting Japan,

Public or private, suit or plain clothes

Can be handled regardless of escort

Vehicle transfer, Convoy guard

  • Personal transfer

  • Guard driving by forming a convoy


Residence security

  • Resident security at home

  • Access management of venues and facilities


Wide range of support from patrol security to access control

Stalker measures

  • Commuting and leaving escort

  • Patrol around home, suspicious person monitoring

  • Standby mission in standby around home

Taking evidence of stalking in a detective investigation

Support until legal resolution by etc.


Domestic Violence measures

  • Escort to the evacuation site

  • Evacuation support

  • Accompanying luggage collection to home

DV evidence shooting by detective investigation, etc.

Support up to legal resolution

Countermeasures against complaints, intimidation and mischief

  • Excessive complaints against stores, etc.

  • Business disruption

  • Intimidation and demand for money

  • Mischief, property damage, and stains on facilities and equipment


Measures against the media and rumors

  • Countermeasures against infringement beyond the scope of freedom of the press

  • Victim / perpetrator family protection

  • Privacy protection

  • Scandal measures

  • Acting for a request to move out to the rush news

  • Measures against infringement and lynching from a third party

Watching guard

  • GPS rental

  • Follow-up

  • Report agency

We will check the location information of children and elderly families using equipment such as GPS. If necessary, we will confirm your safety, rush to the site, and make a report.


for Children

  • Pick-up and drop-off of children

  • Kidnapping measures

  • GPS rental, follow-up survey

Event, Shooting film security

  • Pick-up and drop-off of the performer

  • Flow line escort when moving within the venue

  • Shooting , crowd control

  • Handshake event security

  • Visitor baggage inspection

Concert Crowd

Venue security

  • General meeting of shareholders

  • Lecture

  • Press conference

  • Party

Patrol in the venue, picket security,

Carry out access control and baggage inspection

Accompanying security

  • Expensive transactions and expensive shopping

  • Moving with a large amount of money such as collecting money

  • Interviews and negotiations with expected troubles

  • Transfer to facilities for people with mental illness

  • Repatriation of foreigners, etc.


Overseas accompanying security

  • Business trip to areas with unstable security

  • Those who are worried about traveling abroad

From close protection

To get in the way of work and private life

Be vigilant flexibly at a distance

Protection of important overseas facilities,
Transport vessels, Vehicle guards, PSD

  • Defense of energy-related facilities abroad

  • Transport convoys, ship guards

  • Security accompaniment to site visits of important persons

Since it is necessary to clear the local situation, equipment procurement, laws, etc., we ask for your cooperation outside the security field. Depending on the content of the mission, a training period will be set up, so it may take some time.


Please contact us for details

身辺警備: サービス


Fee (excluding tax)

Guard: 20,000 yen ~ / 1 person / in 4 hours

45,000 yen ~ / 1 person / in 10 hours

Guard vehicle: 28,000 yen / day

(20,000 yen after the second day)

Vehicle arrangement: 3,000 yen /  1car


* Prices vary depending on the risk level. Please contact us. We will give you a quote.

* 2 Other fuel costs, toll road tolls, parking fees, transportation costs, etc.

If commuting is generally difficult depending on the area, accommodation fees will be charged separately. If the contract overtime occurs, we will charge you separately.

* 3 In principle, we will not dispatch a guard by one person to deal with risks.

In addition, you will have time for breaks, stools, etc.



・ We will only use security-owned vehicles or arrange vehicles by us only for security requests. Since the contract for dispatching a driver corresponds to the so-called "white number taxi business", we cannot accept it at all.


Security fee example:

・ Accompanying personal security: General customers / 2 guards / 1 day / Tokyo / Threat level・weak

→ 85,000 yen (excluding tax and transportation)

・ Event personal security: Overseas celebrities / 4 guards / 3 days / Kansai / Threat level・weak

→ 480,000 yen (excluding tax, transportation, and accommodation)

・ Stalker measures ( car stakeout, rush security ): General customers ( with death threat ) /4 guards (2 shifts) / 2 days (24 hours) / Tokyo / Threat level・Medium

→ 243,000 yen ( excluding tax, transportation, rental car fee )

・ Receiving welfare benefits Accompanying: Group home staff / 1 guard /

3 hours / Tokyo / Threat level・Medium / Annual contract ( 1 working month )

→ 20,000 yen ( excluding tax and transportation )

・ Private residence security: General customers / 2 guards / 22 ~ 6 o'clock / Tokyo / Threat level・weak / monthly contract

→ 60,000 yen / day ( excluding tax and transportation expenses )

・ Handshake event: Japanese entertainer / 2 guards / 6 hours / Tokyo

/ Threat level ・weak

→ 60,000 yen ( excluding tax and transportation )

・ Trends Personal security: General customers ( targeted by anti-company forces ) / 2 guards / 1 day / Tokyo / Threat level・strong

→ 120,000 yen (excluding tax and transportation)

・ Convoy guard operation: Embassy of a certain country / 1 guard / 4 days / Tokyo / Threat level ・ Medium

→ 228,000 yen (tax not included, transportation expenses, not included, including our own guard vehicle price)


* The above is an example. We will tell you the budget according to the threat level, your budget, etc. In addition, we offer special fees and installment payments as relief measures for vulnerable people such as stalker and DV victims.

We also accept payment consultation. Please contact us.

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